"Careful, there is a step!"

Translation:Atenton, estas ŝtupo!

August 27, 2015

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Isn't "careful" short for "Be careful"? So "Estu singarda" could also be valid?


I wrote zorgu pri la ŝtupo. and got dinged.

I'd think that singardu means something more like "take care," "beware," "mind yourself." Estu singarda is a variant on that and, to me, should work as well.

Did you report it.?


I can't rememer (it was a month ago), but I'll try to do it the next time :-) Thanks!


What about jen sxtupo?


Behold! A step!
Look at that, a step!
Voila! a step!
I don't think that jen would work. Good thinking, though.
To be honest, I read this and think. Jen kaptilo, Behold! a trap!


Why is 'tie' not used here? I took this to mean someone was pointing out a particular step, not just mentioning the existence of a step in the way.


Nope, the sentence is simply referring to the existence of a step.


Is "Atentu" just as valid in this context? (It was accepted.)


Good for you, Jaerivus, for trying to understand the language better by questioning the nuances and not just blindly assuming.

Yes, I would say atentu is valid. It was my first choice for this sentence when I got it in English. Also, I believe earlier in the course 'atentu' was the first way that 'careful' was translated as.


I appreciate the constructive feedback!


Then assume that it has a level of validity and go on.

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