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  5. "Careful, there is a step!"

"Careful, there is a step!"

Translation:Atenton, estas ŝtupo!

August 27, 2015



Isn't "careful" short for "Be careful"? So "Estu singarda" could also be valid?


I wrote zorgu pri la ŝtupo. and got dinged.

I'd think that singardu means something more like "take care," "beware," "mind yourself." Estu singarda is a variant on that and, to me, should work as well.

Did you report it.?


I can't rememer (it was a month ago), but I'll try to do it the next time :-) Thanks!


Why is 'tie' not used here? I took this to mean someone was pointing out a particular step, not just mentioning the existence of a step in the way.


Nope, the sentence is simply referring to the existence of a step.


It's impossible to know one way or the other without context.


In colloquial English, "there is a step" usually indicates the existence of a step. In order to indicate the location of the step, one would more likely say "a step is there". To indicate both the existence of the step and to point out its location, you can say "there is a step there".


You can say that, and it's certainly less ambiguous, but you can also just say "There is a step". Fortunately, the system now accepts "Atenton, tie estas ŝtupo" as a translation.


What about jen sxtupo?


Behold! A step!
Look at that, a step!
Voila! a step!
I don't think that jen would work. Good thinking, though.
To be honest, I read this and think. Jen kaptilo, Look, a trap.

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