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"In the spring there are tulips in Istanbul."

Translation:İlkbaharda İstanbul'da laleler vardır.

August 27, 2015



I've seen on other ones that there are certain situations in which you would never say "çiçekler" for example, although we would in English. Something like general objects or something... it struck me that this would be a similar situation with laleler?


This is because "var" technically isn't a verb. Plurals can easily occur before it :)


So is "lale var" impossible?


It is possible, if there were just one tulip. It is not possible for this sentence.


... It's not a verb? What is it then? I thought this type of sentence translated literally as "Tulips exist in Istanbul in the spring"?


Does anyone know why there is an apostrophy in İstanbul'da but not one in İlkbaharda?


It's just a convention. Proper names that are in their original form receive an apostrophe when you add suffixes to them. It's done out of respect.

So if your name is Tobey, we would write Tobey'den, because it's a proper name. We wouldn't do that with regular words like table, chair or spring, summer.


It is fitting that we learn the word for “tulip”—as opposed to other flowers—considering the plant was first grown in what are now Turkey and Iran. The Dutch, who most of us think “invented” tulips, merely imported the bulbs from Turkey sometime in the 1600’s(?) and marketed them elsewhere in the West.

“Tulip,” it turns out, comes from a Persian word (Persian at that time was the official language of the Uthmanlı court) meaning “turban.” This might have referred to the flower’s resemblance to same, or to the Dutch merchants’ noticing young dandies’ pinning tulip blossoms to their head gear.


I thought using more than one locative in a sentence is not allowed. Am I mistaking something? Probably "ilkbaharda" is a special locative that actually expresses time and not location. That is why it is allowed to use both locatives here.


Is there such a rule? You can use as many locatives as you want as far as I know.


I thought I saw it somewhere. I probably mixed things up.


Another instance - no two instances - of Duo saying I have a typo, although I have used the dotted capital I correctly in İlkbaharda and İstanbul'da! Can't you get this corrected in your answer list some time?


Yep, same for me. It says that there is a typo in İlkbaharda, but when I try to search wıth Ctrl+F for this word on the page, both my word and a "corrected" word appear to be the same.

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