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"Ich besuche dich auch gerne, wenn ich kann."

Translation:I also like to visit you when I can.

January 2, 2013



I'm finding this sentence structure really hard to understand, can someone explain?


Me too. I like:

If I can, I would really like to visit you. or When I can, I would really like to visit you.


I think you are reading as future. This is not "I would like to visit you (at some point in the future) when I can." "Would like" would be "ich würde gerne dich besuchen".

It is more like "I enjoy visiting you when(ever) I can." As written it implies past, present, and future points in time.


I get confused with wann and wenn


Shouldn't besuche be in Konjunktiv II (besuchte) if the translation is "I would like to visit you..."


I am not sure why you wouldn't need the Konjunktiv II. Maybe that is also a valid construction.

This is one of those sentences that I had to ask myself, "how would you say it naturally in English?" I translated it as "I would also like to visit you, if I can." DL accepted it.


Why is gerne separated from besuche in this sentence? I thought gerne typically goes right after the verb.


I thought "when" would be "wann". I typed "if" instead, I thought "wenn" is "if". Oder?


Why is 'auch' not translated in this sentence?


Is it not "also" in the translation?

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