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"Vil du hente en skje til meg?"

Translation:Will you fetch a spoon for me?

August 27, 2015



So is 'Will you get me a spoon' a correct answer according to Duo? I had trouble like others since 'fetch' isn't in my vocabulary, unless I'm quoting Mean Girls, "Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen!"


Yes, "fetch/get/grab/retrieve/bring" are the accepted options currently.

And don't taunt me, I have the power to single-handedly make "fetch" happen as loanword. ;)


What does this really mean? Is it a phrase when you want to go to eat outside with someone maybe. It does not make sense in literal translation.


It means 'will you get me a spoon?', like 'will you go pick up a spoon and give it to me?'


That sounds right. But if you take other meaning of vil it sounds really weird. Do you want to fetch a spoon for me? Haha


"Could you fetch a spoon for me" is even more common in some places, but when taken literally is even stranger in a way. Both phrases have evolved as a means to imply that one doesn't mean to sound demanding or imposing.


Haha yes, it might seem strange but many languages say 'do you want' instead of 'will you', including English, Slovenian, and others that I can't think of right now


Dogs fetch. People get. Ha ha ....I usually say get but have used fetch the rare miments.


get a fork is not accepted?? get = fetch in my opinion

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