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  5. "Hangi okula başvuru yaptın?"

"Hangi okula başvuru yaptın?"

Translation:Which school did you apply to?

August 27, 2015



Could someone please explain başvuru yaptın, i am completely lost here! How is it compound? To apply as noun or verb?


Başvuru is an application, yaptin is you made so that is you made an application which is equivalent to applied.


Why doesn't the application accept the answer WHAT school did you apply for? We use which when the choice is limited. Like in "Which school did you apply to, close to your house or 10 km away" We don't have a context here. So it's like asking "What is your favourite book/movie".....


It was just a missing alternative. It has been added.


Baş is head (or beginning, I guess) and vurmak is hit or shoot, but I find it hard to conceive of an application as something to do with heads and hits. Is there a connection? Or is it just an incidental similarity?


Wouldn't it work to say, "You applied to which school?"


Only in specific contexts would that be asked in English. In general, we ask you all to word questions in the standard English question format (primarily to keep us contributors from ripping our hair out due to adding tons of English and Turkish alternatives) :D


Would "Which schools did you apply to?" be "Hangi okular başvuru yaptın?" ?


Hangi okullara başvuru yaptın is correct for, which schools are you applying to. The 'a' at the end of okul is locative to give 'to' in the sentence.

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