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  5. "It is November."

"It is November."

Translation:Es ist November.

January 2, 2013



Where has the "the + month" gone? You have to say "in the + month" can someone break down when you have to say "the + month" pls


I want to know this as well.


I thought that the answer might be "wir haben den November" since the month is the direct object of haben. Duo said not.

I'm getting thoroughly confused as to which of my errors are genuinely wrong and which are down to Duo being idiosyncratic.


Suddenly "wir haben November" is not accepted. Strange, the previous correct answer was "wir haben April"


Wir haben November was accepted for me. I still would like to know which is used in Germany. Es ist November or wir haben November.


Der November, surely? It insisted on definitive articles last time.


Which is more common? "Wir haben November" or "Es ist November"?


WTH Duo? The sentence I had just before this one said "Wir haben April" was correct and now this one says "Es ist...." I would love to know why one was marked wrong and not the other. Which one is more common in Germany?


I have the same questions as the other people in thia thread. Would someone care to answer?


In another test "It is April" translated as "Wir haben April". But here "Es ist ..." Whether the both are equal or any differences?

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