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"That is a good translation from a skilled translator."

Translation:Tio estas bona traduko de lerta tradukisto.

August 27, 2015



Would "...el lerta ttadukisto." be acceptable?

The meaning seems to be the same, but it is a more direct translation.


why is this "de lerta tradukisto" and not "el lerta tradukisto"?

edit: I just realized that somebody else already asked this, but since their question is from a week ago and still has no response I figure it makes sense to leave my question here too


"That" could also translate as "tiu" - meaning rather "that one" but still not a major difference.


Yeah maybe, if you were standing at a bookshelf and looking over all the books and then you go:

"Tiu (libro) estas bona traduko", but one shouldn't learn this relatively rare use of tiu standing alone, as people will get confused when to use it and when to use tio.


what about just accepting "tiu" (from advanced learners) but not teaching it? People get lower results at the placement test because of this kind of "errors".


The problem is that people who have no idea when to correctly use tiu/tio and just uses a random one will get the sentence correct aswell.


I used "traduko bona" and that was not popular. Fail to see why that word order would not work.


It works as of 2020-06-06


What's the difference between el and de?

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