Chun/ag dul

I've seen chun used in places where i thought ag dul would be used for going to. How do you know when and where its supposed to be used like this?

8/27/2015, 1:54:34 PM

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If you mean the “going to” of intention, then either chun or ag dul can be used, but the choice will affect how the phrase is structured.

8/27/2015, 3:00:38 PM

Thanks. So could the first example use ag dul instead of chun by changing the structure to Tá sé ag dul ag ceannach carr nua amárach?

8/27/2015, 3:27:57 PM
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The first example where?

EDIT: Ah, at the link I’d provided (I’m slow on the uptake at times). No, carr nua needs to be genitive for the ag dul ag form — cairr nua — since in that form it becomes the object of the verbal noun ceannach.

8/27/2015, 3:33:13 PM

That's great. Thanks for the help.

8/27/2015, 4:01:51 PM
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