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  5. "Léim do phróifíl."

"Léim do phróifíl."

Translation:I read your profile.

August 27, 2015



How would you say "I read over your profile"?

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What does "read over" mean to you that differentiates it from just "read"?

Léigh mé do phróifíl (past tense - "read" pronounced "red" not "reed") - "I read (over) your profile".

If you wanted to imply that you re-read the profile ("I read back over your profile"), you could say Léigh mé siar ar do phróifíl.


Maybe it's an idiom I picked up along the way. "I read over his profile." "I read over his application." This is past tense in both examples. I was just wondering if this is said in Irish or not so much.

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