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  5. "Léim do phróifíl."

"Léim do phróifíl."

Translation:I read your profile.

August 27, 2015



How would you say "I read over your profile"?


What does "read over" mean to you that differentiates it from just "read"?

Léigh mé do phróifíl (past tense - "read" pronounced "red" not "reed") - "I read (over) your profile".

If you wanted to imply that you re-read the profile ("I read back over your profile"), you could say Léigh mé siar ar do phróifíl.


Maybe it's an idiom I picked up along the way. "I read over his profile." "I read over his application." This is past tense in both examples. I was just wondering if this is said in Irish or not so much.

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