"I have the rice."

Translation:Tá an rís agam.

August 27, 2015

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Could this technically be translated as, "Tá na rís agam." too? I mean, you don't know that it's specifically talking about ONE RICE, or is an rís used for this situation for a reason? Thanks!


The plural of rís is actually ríseanna, so "I have the rices" (basmati and long-grain and saffron, etc.) would be Tá na ríseanna agam.

There's also the tuiseal ginideach - "I have the taste of rice in my mouth" - tá blas na ríse i mo bhéal


Ah thank you! This really cleared things up, especially as a beginner to this rather complicated (but nice nonetheless) language. Lingots for you!


Why not just 'Ta ris agam'?


rís is just "rice", so Tá rís agam is just "I have rice".

To say "the rice" you need to use the definite article in Irish too, - an rís.


I'm sorry folks, but...how does the VSO-order fit in here exactly?


It's literally "Rice is at me", or "Is rice at me". There's the VSO.


There are two ways to look at this. If you start with the English sentence, and decide that "I" is the subject, and "rice" is the object, then the Irish sentence is + object + ag + subject - VOS.

If you start with the Irish sentence, then "rice" is the subject of the verb ("the rice is") and "I" is the object - VSO.

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