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  5. "Uken har mange dager."

"Uken har mange dager."

Translation:The week has many days.

August 27, 2015



When to use flere and when to use mange? Here many sounds a bit strange, since 7 is not all that many


it depends on what you're trying to say: flere means several and mange means many


'flere' can also mean 'more'.


Yeah I know. But the week does definitely not have many but rather several days


If you're waiting for the weekend, a week does have many days ;)


I think Duolingo is trying to get you to practise the language, not teach you whether there are many days in a week. Whether seven is a large number depends on context and personal opinion. Duolingo is not able to give us either of those things in one sentence.


How would one say "eight days a week," as in the Beatles song?

Leaning heavily on my German as well as my native English, I would guess '[hele] åtte dager av uken'. But that may sound a bit stilted, if not downright incorrect. :-) Is there a better option?


Åtte dager i [uken/uka].

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