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"Here is the destruction made by the mice."

Translation:Jen la detruo farita de la musoj.

August 27, 2015



Since when did an adverb qualify a noun?


In respect of the sentence: "... fare de la musoj." Could you say that "of the mice" is working as as adjective (or an adjectival phrase)? If this were the case then you could use an adverb to qualify it.

It took me a while to work that one out, so if it's wrong will someone please correct me.


Did they teach participles yet? If yes than I don't remember


Participles are in the next skill: "Education".


ho ve!, ĉi tiu finaĵo "e" estas malfacila(e?) ,kaj ĝi timigas min, sed mi kurage daŭros! lol


I have had this sentence in 2 or 3 forms (English - Esp, Esp-Eng + other similar) in nearly every lesson set for months. And that includes 5 sets, and usually a lot more, every day. Are there no new sentences?

I love this course and hate to complain, but many sentences repeat so many times that it can be boring sometimes. Believe me I understand and appreciate the need for repetition. I was a language teacher years ago. But this has become a bit trying when certain sentences just keep popping up all the time, especially this one. I already feel for the mice...

Thanks for your patience. Dankon!

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