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"Man bruker en ostehøvel for å skjære ost."

Translation:One uses a cheese slicer in order to cut cheese.

August 27, 2015



Finally, the Great Ostehøvel has arrived to my Duolingo lesson.


How do I know if I should use (til) or (for) before å+infinitive?


'for' roughly translate to -'in order to' so whenever that calls for it :)


A cheese slicer is usually called a cheese knife in the UK, so it would be nice if that translation could be marked as permitted instead of faulty.


A knife may be the UK "item with equivalent function" for most people, but try an image search for østehovel -- they are not generic slicing implements that would match up with the idea of a "knife" (norsk, "kniv") at all.


Strictly speaking the østehovel is a "cheese plane" and is used with an entirely different motion than a knife. You pull it backward across the top of the cheese, peeling off a thin slice. There is no way to cut with it (in a knife-like manner) by pressing down through the cheese.

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