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Mine e yours só se usa em fim de frase ?

Nine e yours só se usa em fim de frase ?

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A diferença entre "my/your" e "mine/yours" é que este não necessita de complemento.

-My car is yellow (tem que se colocar a palavra car depois de my)

-Mine is blue (Não colocamos a palavra car depois de mine)

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No, we don't only use "yours" and "mine" at the end of sentences.

Everyone got their own dreams, Go for it, and make yours come true.....

and we can say in this way too

Man, One of my favorite weapons is bow, "Yours is famas, Right?" or "Is yours famas?"

"This bag is mine, Yours is on that table..."

"Everyone likes to say their opinion, What's yours?"

"Nobody can post their phone number on this forum, So yours can't stay here either..."(It's only a sentence, He didn't post any number)

Your car is yellow, Mine is blue....

My car color is green, I guess yours is blue, Isn't it? I got another friend and think hers is black....


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I did not mean exactly at the end of sentences, but reading some expressions gave this direction. example:

That is my car. That car is mine.

This is your car. This car is yours.

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Thank you all

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