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  5. "Norwegian is easy to learn."

"Norwegian is easy to learn."

Translation:Norsk er lett å lære.

August 27, 2015



they give lett, enkelt, and grei as options for easy. Are they all interchangeable or do they have different nuances?


"Lett" and "enkelt" are usually interchangeable when meaning "easy", though "lett" has several additional definitions. Technically "lett" is the closest to "easy" in meaning, while "enkelt" is closer to "uncomplicated", but those two definitions usually coincide.

"Greit" is a little more tricky. It's also used along the veins of "easy", "uncomplicated", as well as "clear" and "straightforward", but is used differently in different contexts. You may say that "Eksamenen var grei.", meaning that the exam gave you no trouble. Yet that doesn't necessarily imply that the exam was super easy. Or that "Han var grei å forstå.", meaning that he was easy to understand, likely because he spoke and formulated himself in a clear and understandable way.

"Greit" is in many other contexts used to mean "okay", "fine", or "passable". The bottom line is that it's a pretty hard adjective to get a grip on, so you're safer with the other two unless you've already seen it used in the context you're about to use it in.


"Norsk er lett å lære". Could this also mean: Norwegian is easy to teach?


I have the same questiin. Is "å lære" both "to learn" and "to teach", or only "to learn" (question arises from the word for teacher)


Context, or more specifically what comes after the verb, determines whether "å lære" means to teach or to learn.

Norsk er lett å lære bort. (= Norwegian is easy to teach.)


Ja det er! Men noen ting er ikke.


Ja, det er det*! Men noen ting er ikke det*... (Alternatively: Men ikke alt)

But it was close enough, keep it up :)


Can you explain me why it is used the ''det'' at the end of each sentence? I don't quite understand it...Thanks!


"Det er lett å lære" = "Det er det" ('det' replaces "lett å lære")


so, i can use this anytime i don't want to repeat the same sentence? For example, someone asks me a question: ''Er det enkelt å lære engelsk?''. I can answer : ''Ja det er det.'' Correct if i'm wrong and sorry if i'm being too annoying...Just trying to learn it correctly ahah.


I think you can use it whenever you don't want to repeat, but I'm not 100 % sure about that. You could answer either "Ja, det er det" or just "Ja". "Det er" is an incomplete statement.


Why a studere is not correct?


You could study without learning much. It happens with harder languages.


i wrote lære and it says it is wrong

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