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Am unable to view my language on dashboard


While it pleases me very much as a linguophile that my students often start trees in other languages, I have run into a bit of a problem with it since getting back on the dashboard in preparation for school. There were a number of students whose total days active was one, two or some other single digit number (which I knew to not really be the case). Upon closer inspection, I saw that what all of these students had in common was the flag by their picture was that of France, Norway, or some other country. The best explanation that I can come up with is that their tree is currently on one of those languages and I was unable to find a way to view their Spanish.

Will I be unable to view their Spanish if the language they currently have selected for their tree is something other than Spanish? I seem to remember a way to change the language on the old dashboard.

Prompt attention to this would be greatly appreciated, as I will need a consistent way to assess in order for us to spend time on Duolingo this year.



August 27, 2015



Hi! When you look here, and hover your mouse arrow over your classroom square (before clicking to enter that classroom), does a little gray gear icon appear on the bottom right? If you see it, click on it, and it should allow you to select the classroom language. Pick Spanish and you should only see your students' Spanish progress and points. :] I hope this is what you were asking about, please let me know if I misunderstood.


I've actually deleted all my students since writing this, but as soon as the sections are populated again with new students I will check and see. Thank you for your help.

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