"Het meisje houdt van zwarte peper."

Translation:The girl likes black pepper.

3 years ago



In Dutch, are pepper and black pepper the same thing (piper negrum in Latin), or when one says "pepper," could one also mean the colourful vegetable/fruit known as bell peppers or hot peppers (capsicum family)? In other words, in Dutch, is there any other "peper" than "zwarte peper"?

2 years ago


you also have hot peppers:' hete pepers' or 'pepers' bell peppers are 'paprika' i think but we also have more colours of pepper as a spice

2 years ago


why "zwarte" add "e" in this sentence? While in another "een zwart paard" without "e" at the end of "zwart"

2 years ago


If there is no definite article ( de or het) but the word is a de-word then an e is added to the adjective that describes it.

2 years ago


When does houdt van mean "like" and when does it mean "love"? In the last lesson I wrote 'like' and got it wrong. Here I chose 'love' and got it wrong. Does it have to do with animate vs inanimate?

1 year ago


i believe i read in another thread that when used for people it means love, but used for other things it means like. i had the same question before.

1 year ago


What is the purpose of "van" in this sentence?

1 year ago
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