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"Ghoideadh d'athair ach anois sa phríosún."

Translation:Your father used to steal but now he is in prison.

August 27, 2015



Do we really need the article with "prison" in the English? Unless referring to a specific instance of a prison, I think "in prison" is more frequent. Pota Focal translates an example of "sa phríosún", from beo.ie, as "in prison" and teanglann,ie has " Cuireadh chun an phríosúin é" translated as "he was sent to prison".


teanglann,ie has " Cuireadh chun an phríosúin é" translated as "he was sent to prison".

The perils of translation! Cuireadh also means "invitation" :-)


Problem solved!


Ros na Rún storyline.


Your father used to steal but he is in jail now ---Marked wrong. Why, ?


I think there’s a difference between prison and gaol, the former being for serious criminals and the latter being for shorter detention periods.


That differentiation doesn't really exist in Irish (nor in English in Ireland). The NEID and EID entries for "gaol" and "jail" both give príosiún.

The main prison in Dublin is officially "Mountjoy Prison", but is commonly referred to as "Mountjoy Jail", and historically, "Kilmainham Gaol" was used to house people who had been convicted of serious crimes, and Oscar Wildes "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" was based on his sentence of 2 years hard labour.


They called a prison ‘Mountjoy’? Some British dry wit that is…


No, they built a prison in a place that was already called Mountjoy - Viscount Mountjoy (apparently named for a Mountjoy in Co Tyrone) was the MP for Dublin in the late 18th century, and he developed Mountjoy Square, on the north of the city. The prison was built nearby 30 or 40 years later.

The prison is colloquially referred as "the 'Joy". And the Dóchas Center is on the same campus.


Seems like it should be accepted. You should report it.


I wonder if '[the] gaol' is accepted or not....


sa = in or in the, depending on the sentence, so why is it marked wrong. Very frustrating


i - "in"
sa - "in the"

The issue isn't that

sa = in or in the, depending on the sentence,

the issue is that in English we say "in prison" without a definite article, whereas in Irish we say sa phríosún with a definite article.


I think "the" is unneccessary and either answer is correct. Same with prison or jail/gaol


Weird that (again - happened on another exercise) I wrote the exact sentence they give, yet they give the same sentence as "another translation."

I wonder if it's because the "correct" answer changed from "the prison" to just "prison" and this is somehow a bug... Doesn't really make sense but it's all I can come up with.


Happened again. Is it only me?


It didn't happen to me on this exercise, but I've seen it on others.


Now he is in prison AND he is in prison now ... difference?

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