"Twelve people are in the restaurant."

Translation:Tá dháréag sa bhialann.

August 28, 2015



Is dháréag standard? I've never seen it before.

August 28, 2015


Yes. It's the standard for 'twelve (people)'

August 28, 2015


Yes, it’s the personal number form of “twelve”. It’s unusual in that it’s usually lenited, and it only takes an unlenited form after an article, aon, or the ordinal céad (i.e. “first”, not “hundred”).

August 28, 2015


Can someone explain what is wrong with this construction (other than thr wrong form of 'be'):

Is dha daoine dheag sa bhialann.

October 26, 2017


Plural form of the noun after the number instead of the singular, I'd guess. And nouns are typically lenited after "dhá" -- the dialect i learned tends not to use "d(h)áréag" so that's how I do it.

March 6, 2018


I tried "Tá dhá dhuine dhéag sa bhialann" which I think ought to be fine, but it was rejected.

August 11, 2019
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