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Class Sections

I cannot find an option to make class sections. I have 90 students spread across 4 sections, so it would be nice to split them so it's easier to enter their progress in my gradebook. Does anyone know how to make sections? When I first started my Duolingo Classroom it just told me to name my class and I do not have the opportunity to move students to other sections. Thanks, Carrie H. Iowa

August 28, 2015



You could create one classroom by section.

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So, do you have all 90 students assigned to one classroom on your Dashboard? If that is true (and if I've understood your question correctly) here is my suggestion:

When you go to your Dashboard there should be a blue button in the upper right portion of the screen that says "Create Classroom", you can generate and name as many of these classrooms as you need to get your students sorted into smaller, more manageable groups.

After you have your empty sections/classrooms set up you can manually move students into them by clicking into a classroom with the students you want to move, choosing "course progress" from the menu on the left, then tick the box to the left of the students' names that you wish to move. Two actions will appear in the white header above the student selection list, select "move". You will get a popup asking to specify which of your pre-created classrooms you want to move them into, then confirm by clicking save.

There is a Help section devoted to moving students if you need instructions with screenshots of what to do, here: https://dashboard.duolingo.com/dashboard_help#how-can-i-assign-sections-to-students-how-can-i-modify-sections . However, they've since changed some of the interface to get to that point (which is why I gave instructions above) so the step-by-step may not seem entirely complete.


Thanks for the explanation! The instructions will be updated soon. :]

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That's good to hear. You guys have been adding a lot of useful new features to the Schools interface, I can imagine that it must be difficult to keep to the Help page perfectly up-to-date. :)


Thank you! That worked! I agree, the help section wasn't as helpful because it has changed. I created 4 new "classrooms" for my sections and have sorted them out! Now if only my students had used their real name... they are 8th graders and some were quite creative! We started school this Monday and I'm being tough from the start and requiring one unit of Duolingo by Aug. 31! Thanks for your help :)

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I'm glad I was able to help. :)

It sounds like your eighth graders will be keeping you plenty busy over this coming school year -- but it also sounds like you have a good plan in place. :)

I hope you have a wonderful school year!

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