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  5. "Lui ha l'alcol."

"Lui ha l'alcol."

Translation:He has alcohol.

October 28, 2013



E lui è il mio amico!


Lui è veramente un buon ragazzo!


Would "Lui ha alcol" be correct as well? It sounds a bit weird because "ha" and "alcol" don't separate well phonetically. It would sound just like "lui aalcol", right?


Yes, I guess it should be ok even without the article. Depending on the context, maybe a choice could be better than another one.


no, i don't think so. i wrote a post about it and "alcool" is pretty much in the "materials" category (like most liquids and food) which must take an article.

made a little test on Google to prove myself:

  • "ho alcool" - 1 430 hits
  • "ho l'alcool" - 3 490 000 hits

quite a difference :D


If you include the quotations marks in your google search, you'll find correspondences for the exact sentence, and you'll realize that the first sentence actually gets more results than the second one, with the article. Anyway, I never suggest to blindly trust the number you get from google; you should always inspect the result of the research (at least a few records) to realize if it's exactly searching the kind of expression you meant to look for. A lot of times, I would have got misleading results, if I hadn't looked into the results of the search.

Anyway, both the expressions are correct, but actually I feel they probably mean something slightly different. That's why I told you that I would or wouldn't use the article based on the context.


Just spent a good 45 minutes with this excellent post, reading every example aloud several times to get the feel and sense of it. So very helpful! Grazie Nitram!


It is interesting that you use 'alcool' which is the alternative spelling to 'alcol'. Is this spelling a regional difference?


Thank you Nitram15. Especially thank you for your long post at http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1012366 where itastudent pointed me to!

There is another training sentence where alcol comes without article: "Non bevo alcol." What do you thing about that one?


I was marked down for using l'alcool


Does this mean 'He's drunk' or just 'He has possession of alcohol' ? On second thought I think 'he's drunk' would be 'lui e' ubriaco' right?


I heard Lui a l'alcol. Very tricky listening to the digital pronunciation.


Wouldn't that sound the same as "lui ha l'alcol"?

The H should have no sound. There's an expression, "non vale un acca", it's not worth an H, based on the H's absence of any sound..


Dunque, lui é popolare.

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