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  5. "Bir saniye bakabilir misin?"

"Bir saniye bakabilir misin?"

Translation:Can you look for a second?

August 28, 2015



How about 'do you have a second? ' I know it doesn't literally translate but isn't that what it means?


"Do you have a second?" is probably more commonly "Can I ask you something for a second?" rather than "Could you look at this for a second?".


I think there is something wrong with the hint for the verb. It says the answer is in third person


Well, I think that's because of the conjugation of the verb.

ben bakabilirim (I can look)

sen bakabilirsin (you can look)

o bakabilir (he/she/it can look)

biz bakabiliriz (we can look)

siz bakabilirsiniz (you can look)

onlar bakabilirler (they can look)

So, when you check the translation, it may seem like "bakabilir" is for the third person. However, you'll point out the person with the question word "mi" as follows:

bakabilir misin? (can you look?)

bakabilir mi? (can he/she/it look?)


How would we say : can you not look for a second / can you stop looking for a second? ... Would it be correct to say : "bir Saniye bakmayabilir misin ?"


I guess it would be : Bir saniye bakamaz mısın?


I think Duo may have lost it otherwise I have. Twice now it has marked "can you look for a second?" as incorrect. Does anyone have any clue as to why?

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