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"De spiller mye ishockey om vinteren."

Translation:They play a lot of ice hockey in the winter.

August 28, 2015



Of course, here in Minnesota there are two varieties of the game - field hockey and hockey (the ice is redundant)


Don't forget floor hockey!

And road hockey!

Or table hockey! :0)


Same in Canada. We never use the term “ice hockey”. There is another kind of hockey - street hockey played in the spring, summer and fall. It’s played with two moveable nets (real or improvised) set up in the middle of a street. Players are always on the lookout for cars and when one is spotted the player(s) shout CAR! and the street is immediately cleared for nets and players. D


Because it's a lot harder to play it in the summer…


Possibly the first occurrence of the letter 'c' I've seen in the course! Although I may be forgetting some.


Hockey is a borrowed word. Canada is usually spelled with a C as well. :0)


Somehow the outstanding prevalence of Canada led to a slight blind spot! And I know that c and z do show up mostly in borrowed words.


And the letter, "x". As in Mexico. :0)


I liked your initial reply best ;) it fit into the email notification before the edit. I laughed!

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