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Completed German tree! Wunderbar!

I started the German tree about four months ago but I didn't practice at all until about three weeks ago. I cracked down and just focused on German and got it done by practicing and completing skills for 6+ hours per day. Note that I studied German in the past and listened to a lot of German music, etc. so it wasn't as difficult for me. This is my second tree completed after Spanish and I'm almost through with French. Yay!

August 28, 2015



I am portuguese. I understand a little bit of english so now i started to learn german in english because it doesn´t have german classes in portuguese. it´s good because i can improve my english and learn german


Voçe fala bem inglês. Parabéns.


Hey, can i help you with a little thing? The correct is "Você", "Voçe" is wrong. You can also write "Tu falas bem inglês" :)


Thanks. IDK what I was doing there, I definitely know the proper way.


Welcome! We are in the same boat!! I think even if the german course for portuguese speakers were done, I would keep doing this pratice cuz I can feel that is much better learning a third language while reinforce the knowledge of the second language.

[deactivated user]


    what level do you have now? can you actually talk with people? btw, something that interests me: if you did it 6+ hours a day, how many days did it take?


    @Polarusk, Same questions. I am curious as well regarding your comfort level with German.


    I can comfortably converse in basic German at least. Completing the tree builds a solid base but it will not make you fluent. Continued practice is key to help ingrain what you learn into long-term memory. It took me about 16 days of actual practice within a span of 3 weeks but I was at level 5 from when I started German about 4 months ago.


    thanks, needed to hear that. good luck with the other trees you do!


    Gratulacje! Ich gratuliere!


    Dziekuje bardzo. Another native Polish speaker. :)


    Ich gratuliere Herzlichst!!!


    Nice job! That gives me some inspiration to crack down and finally finish my German tree.


    Gratulacje! :) I've also finished German tree last week


    toll! But wait, 6+ hours per day? don't you feel so overwhelmed?


    Previous self-study of German and a lot of coffee to get through it all helps. :)


    i guess it just ends faster than we think.


    Hi Five! The level you have reached is an aspersion of mine. Did you speak to any German speakers to help you along?


    thank you. I'm a terrible speller.


    Amazing! I will try to do something similar to your 6 hours a day, will see how it will turn out to be!


    Congratulation i hope i can finished like you i started this week but i didnt listen to german music lot an not 6 hours a day!!!!! but im gonna finished it soon or later, I WILL ;)


    das ist interessant


    Das Ist Wunderbar!!!!!!

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