"Bir radyom ve bir bilgisayarım var."

Translation:I have a radio and a computer.

August 28, 2015

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Do you need to always specifically state the possessive of the object if its actually mine as well? bir radyoM var. I have a radio (the M means the radio ıs mıne).

As if I was to say "bir radyo var" would it mean I have a radio but its not necessarily mine.

Could you say... bir radyon var I have a radio (N thats yours) or would that need "ben senin..." to start


If you are stating who has the radio, yes. You have to use the possessive ending in Turkish.

After doing some research, I learned that there is no real way to say "I have a radio that's yours" in Turkish (and that sentence even sounds odd in English). You can say "I have your radio" which would be "Radyon bende." :)


So can you say "Radyon bende" ?


Yes, you can say this.

Radyom bende. = I have my radio.
Radyon bende. = I have your radio.
Radyo bende. = I have the radio.
Radyolar bende. = I have the radios.

Radyo var. = There is a radio / There are radios.
Radyom var. = I have a radio.
Radyon var. = You have a radio.

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so how would you say "I have her/his radio?"


I try an attempt:
Onun radyosu bende.


So what does computer mean? Bilgisayar is like an information counter? Makes sense.


From wiktionary:

From bilgi (“information”) +‎ say (“to count”) +‎ -ar (simple present tense suffix). Literally "information counter".


How do you tell whether the var stands for There are/is or I have?


I will try to reply although I am not sure at all:

radyoM var = I have a radio __ radyo var = there is a radio


Marie_goforit is right -- These will be either "locative-var" sentences or "genitive-possessive-var" sentences.

[locative-cased-place] [thing] [var/yok] = There is/are (not) thing at place.
Masada tabaklar var. = There are plates on the table.

[genitive-owner] [possessive-ending-thing] [var/yok] = Owner has (does not have) a thing.
Benim tabağım var. = I have a plate.

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