"Here is my furniture: I have a table, a bed, a cabinet and two chairs."

Translation:Jen miaj mebloj: Mi havas tablon, liton, ŝrankon kaj du seĝojn.

August 28, 2015

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Cxu mi estas la sola personno, kiu ne komprenas la signifo pri la vorto "jen"? Cxu oni povas diri "Cxi tie estas" ankaux?

Am I the only person who does not understand the meaning of the word "jen"? Can one say "Cxi tie estas" as well?


"Jen" is something like "behold", "look there".
I see you take some French, so it is a really good equivalent to "voici" or "voilà" (they are not that different; I'm a French native).

I think you mean "Ĉi tie estas miaj mebloj", which would have the slightly different meaning "My furniture is here", as opposed to "some other place".

Does it help?

sfuspvwf npj


Yes it does. Dankon!


Meblo (piece of furniture) + aro (set) = meblaro (set of furniture)


I thought that after have there is no akkusative form, but there it is?


You're probably confusing with "esti".


Is "mi" really capitalized in the middle of a sentence in Esperanto? I've not seen this elsewhere in books on Esperanto.

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