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What domains for duolingo.com are required?

I have a whitelist for my children to surf the internet. I also learned that some websites need additional domains to access to work. I looked into the source code of www.duolingo.com but can find any clear domains that could be required. www.duolingo.com (and *.dulingo.com) are not enough - the browser page stays white.

What other domains are required for duolingo.com to work?

August 28, 2015



These are the essential domains that I’ve whitelisted for Duolingo:

These domains are needed for the discussion forums in Duolingo:

This domain is needed for sound in Duolingo (when I’d used Duolingo without sound, I didn’t need to whitelist it):

This domain is needed to browse around the Incubator:

These domains aren’t essential for using Duolingo, though perhaps they provide benefits that I’m currently not enjoying (they might need to be whitelisted or not whitelisted as groups):

This domain has never been in my whitelist, so it’s not needed for Duolingo (at least when using Firefox):

EDIT: Updated for the new discussion forum domains.

August 28, 2015


Good point. I was using a Chrome browser when I made that list.

August 28, 2015


I assume you need ajax.googleapis.com because it host javascripts files. Also I allow scripts from d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net and d37gvrvc0wt4s1.cloudfront.net so maybe you need those.

August 28, 2015
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