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  5. "Sie ist so groß!"

"Sie ist so groß!"

Translation:She is so tall!

August 28, 2015



What about "she is so big"? Does it mean what I think it means?


In German, "groß" can mean both "tall" and "big".


But how would you understand that sentence? big or tall?


Normally tall, but it can also mean big, as when referring to a child that's grown considerably since the last time you saw it, for example. (It does not mean "fat", though).

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    But 'She is so big' is not accepted.


    Still not accepted. Feb. 2021 Reporting it.


    Isn't it rude to say "du bist so groß"? I mean, can I say it without having to explain myself?


    Unlike the English word "big", when applied to people, groß does NOT mean "fat" but it means tall.

    In reality, it's mainly used with children, because a tall person will usually know that they are really tall and don't need that pointing out to them, nor is it a compliment as such. Kids, on the other hand, are flattered by it, coz they usually can't wait to be "grown ups". Little do they know that it's not all that it's cracked up to be...


    What's the function of the 'so' in this particular sentence? Or in any sentence before an adjective?


    Something like "to a surprising degree".

    So, "You are so big!" would mean "You are big to such a degree that it surprises me".


    I put "She is so big!" and it was marked wrong.


    I seems to me that is should be accepted as a possible answer. Granted, it is usually used in the "she is so tall" sense but one can easily imagine someone using big in the same sense ("I haven't seen your kids in ages! They are so big now!") . Additionally, one can use that sentence while not necessarily referring to humans, in which case "tall" would not be appropriate ("So this is Miss Fluffy? She is so big!"). That the translation need not be the most obvious one should be especially considered in light of some more abstract practice sentences one can find on duolingo.


    I think big shoud be accepted. I am from mexico, we also use big to tell somebody he or she is big. If you use big in the USA, you get people here and there offended, but I believe Duolingo should understand that there are far more international learners than just the "american" ones.


    I said "she is so big"


    why is "she is so big" not excepted? if Groß can mean either, this is still an acceptable solution in English


    "She is so big" - was not accepted


    "She is so big!" seems a valid translation to me, especially in view of the exclamation mark which indicates surprise or incredulity on the part of the speaker.


    Why 'She is so big' was not accepted? 'Big' can be found under 'gross' in the translations of the dictionary and 'She is so big' is a valid sentence, so why was it rejected?


    My Mom was German and groß meant big.


    Sometimes it means big and sometimes tall. Big should be accepted.


    I shouldn't be wrong to translate it to "big" instead of "tall."


    I wrote "she is so big" and it said it's not correct...


    I hear she wears size 13 Nikes O-O


    Why is "she is so big" wrong?


    She is so BIG should also be accepted. Both 'big' and 'tall' are correct.


    I think "She is so big!" should be accepted. It could easily be referring to a child.


    so you cant say, "shes so big"??? what if its a whale.............. (of a woman)


    Is there really a way to distinguish the audio version of this from "Sie ist zu gross" I heard it several times and it still sounds like zu


    I wrote "she is too tall" and it wasn't accepted. Why?


    I wrote "she is too tall" and it wasn't accepted. Why?

    Because "too tall" (zu groß) does not mean the same thing as "so tall" (so groß).


    If you are talking about a person being large, but not necessarily fat, how would you say it in german? Like, "Dwayne Jonhnson is a big guy."


    or simply "He is so big".


    I said she Is so large, and got it wrong, forgot the correct answer, and then said fat! lololololololololol


    "She is so big" is still not accepted 11/29/2020 The search for answers continues.


    In Germany you translate this as "She is so big". If you want to tell tall you have to tell "Sie ist so hoch".

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