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What are the usings of "på","til" and "i" ?

There are many usings of "på","til" and "i" . What are they exactly ? Tusen takk !

August 28, 2015


[deactivated user]

    På means at,on Til meas to I means in


    I mean , what are the OTHER usings of these three ?

    Jeg vil gå til der (I want to go to there)

    Hva gjør du til helgen ? (What do you do this weekend ?)

    Jeg skal på skole i dag. (I'm going to school today)

    Hva holder du på med? (What are you doing?)


    "Jeg vil gå til der" is incorrect. Needs a defined destination, not just "der". E.g. "Jeg vil gå til der elgen bor". I want to go to where the moose lives.

    As for all the other examples, they are difficult for me to explain (there are probably some who can). It's just how we say things. I suggest that you not concern yourself with the usage of pronouns in those kinds of expressions. Just learn them.

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