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i'm looking for some skype conversations

Hi my name is Przemek, and i am looking for someone who want to talk via skype.

August 28, 2015

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Hi, how old are you? What are your skills of english? I can try it.


Hi, ha ha, top secret. I" m studying for a long time but to me it goes bad. Regardes


So, you might want to write emails with me? We can choose any topic and will try write about it without use the translator. What You think about it? I will wait for your response.


Hi, I'd like to write via email. I enclose my email address: laxytt@gmail.com


Can i writing to you too on your mail address? :D


Hi, what would you like to talk? Where do you live, how old you are? I am working, I have family and little time. Write something about yourself.


Are you talking about speaking in english to improve skills? If you do add me "laxytt" I have cat picture on my avatar :)

Naucz się angielskiego w zaledwie 5 minut dziennie. Za darmo.