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Practice/Lesson Summary

On the last page of a practice or lesson where it tells how many skill points earned, a summary of what was answered incorrectly would be great.

I have become accustomed to hitting Enter when I expect my answer was correct, and I often skip right through the "Your answer was wrong" banner, so it would be good to have a final opportunity to see it again at the end of the practice or lesson.

January 2, 2013



We've actually been planning on doing this, so expect to see it in a few weeks.


Luis, I'm sorry to bug you about this, but I don't know how else to communicate about this problem as it has been going on for at least 5 years. Is there anything that can be done about the practice sessions under 'Daily Goals' continually going over phrases like "coffee and tee", "bread and water" and "chocolate is tasty" over and over again, and not coming up with the many truly difficult words, phrases, and grammar actually learned in the lessons? (I'm studying German). Thank you for any clarification you can give me.

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