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  5. "Ungdommene satt på gulvet."

"Ungdommene satt gulvet."

Translation:The youngsters were sitting on the floor.

August 28, 2015



Ungdommene could very well translate directly to "the teenagers" and does not exclusively mean "youngsters"


Ville ikke det være tenåringene?


Youngsters = teenagers, am I right?


A youngster doesn't need to be a teenager.


What is the difference between "satt" and "satte?"


They're two different verbs;

to be sitting:
å sitte - sitter - satt - har sittet

De satt på gulvet - They sat on the floor

This means that they were already seated, and is just describing that they're currently sitting. Note that this verb doesn't take any objects.

to sit/set/put:
å sette - setter - satte - har satt

Jeg satte den på bordet - I put it on the table
Du setter deg på gulvet - You're sitting down on the floor

This means that you were standing, and are now in the act of sitting down. Note that this verb always takes an object.


The translation of 'ungdommene' when you hover over it says 'the youngsters' and 'the youths' yet when you put 'the youths were sat on the floor' it's considered incorrect?!

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