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"Itheann an buachaill agus Pól arán."

Translation:The boy and Paul eat bread.

August 28, 2015



We would more generally say "Paul and the boy eat bread." in English.


I typed in "Paul and the boy" without thinking since it sounds more natural! Obviously got it wrong ...


Yes I opted for eat as well. It sounds more natural

[deactivated user]

    THIS WORD ORDER IS SO CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!! D': D': D': D': D':


    It trips me up at times, too. I read it first as the boy eats and paul bread. Just takes a bit of practice.


    The word order is VSO — verb (itheann), then subject (an buachaill agus Pól), then object (arán).

    [deactivated user]

      So, the only difference is that the verb goes to the very beginning. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! :D


      I guess "the boy and Paul eats bread " is wrong. That little "s" is not liked I guess...

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