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For ELL student

I have a student who is an English Language Learner from Korea. I would like to use this program with him to help him improve his English. As he will be using this in school, I want to be able to track his progress. Even though his base language is Korean and not English, will I still be able to see his progress in the online classroom as he advances through the course?

August 28, 2015



Yes you will! Your student can select from his or her account the language direction they prefer. You'll use Duolingo for Schools to invite them to a "classroom", and select that you are teaching English when you set it up. Let us know if you need help with that. :]


I'm in a similar situation and need help with this. I am a native English speaker working with ELLs, but I can't find a way to set up a classroom for ELL students with my personal settings on English. How can I do this?


I have many ELLs in my French class and they do their Duolingo from their first languages but then I can't use the assignment function. Is there a way I am missing?

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