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I just reached level 22 in French with a completed tree that is about 80% gilded right now. I've been working on Duo for about 8 months, a couple of months ago my fluency badge indicated 35% fluency. It was all downhill from there until it bottomed out. For the last month or so my fluency badge indicates 9%, doesn't move up or down. Stuck at 9%!!!!! The number is meaningless since when it indicated 35% I was nowhere near that level, right now 9% is probably about right but my knowledge of the language increases a little every week. Love duo and believe using this tool with other resources will finally allow me to learn this language, but this badge is just plain useless.

August 28, 2015


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I don't know how the badge's algorithim works but it seems to be based on your activity on DuoLingo. I agree; it's not particularly helpful. I'm not focused on keeping my tree golden right now anyway - I'm working on the trees from Spanish, plus I'm compiling flashcards on Quizlet and speaking with native speakers, following native speakers' blogs, etc. I'm nowhere near fluent, but I'm not as low as it thinks either.

In theory I'd like the LinkedIn feature, except if it's saying I'm at 9% in Spanish... Uh. Not exactly. I actually regularly use Spanish at work and I'm not that bad. I get far more practice in past/present tense than subjunctive and other tenses but I can handle most day-to-day conversations. And I understand it well enough to do courses from Spanish so...

August 28, 2015


I agree, after 9 months of studying everyday, I'm not about to advertise on Linkdeln my wonderful achievement of 9% fluency.


Yeah, I think it would be more sensible to just note whether you're completed the tree and your level and possibly your translation tier. Those are things that are measured by accomplishment, not current participation, and like... Ideally, you'd eventually get off of DuoLingo and speak, read, and write the language in every day life. DuoLingo's useful but if it remains your primary education you'll never get conversational, let alone sufficiently fluent for business purposes.

Right now I'm starting on Quizlet - I put in the 250 fully conjugated verbs from Living Language: 2,000+ Essential Spanish (and French) Verbs. I don't think the 250+ set will be useful except to test my overall knowledge, but am more planning to also make smaller flashcard sets (10-20 words) per week.

This week hopefully parts of the body and organs.

I have to start working on GoSpeaky again, but there are people at work speaking the languages I'm studying, so that helps.


lol D'accord.

"Completion of French / Spanish tree" is appropriate and more presentable on your LINKEDIN rather than some % which is often very misleading.

For example, a perfect bilingual of both French and English would complete the French tree in well less than a week with considerable ease since he or she pretty much knows what's covered in the French tree. Ironically, in this case, he or she would have very low % of fluency as one has spent not much time on Duolingo (because one does not have to) while completing the tree.



It's a shame they have these adorable trophies they don't put anywhere.


Oui, d'accord! :) Such a waste of good work indeed.

If I were the chief strategist at Duolingo, I would allow people who completed both the tree and the reverse tree to post the trophy on Linkedin to empower the loyal clients as well as to boost Duolingo's own brand awareness via voluntary on-line viral marketing by its customers.


I would love it if they made it that you could buy a shirt with the trophy if you completed the tree. I'd have three DuoLingo shirts. :P


3 trophies already? You are not an average anthropology major for sure, Sarah. :D Am so envious of you. Just have 1: Eng for Korean speakers P.S: Yes, they should be selling stuffs like Duolingo trophy shirts, mug, stickers for car windshield, laptop to form a positive subculture with global presence just like Apple once did. Selling proficiency exam product is a very lucrative business but Duolingo has to compete with formidable competitors such as ETS that already has unchallengeable brand power and market share.


I commented too soon, reached level 22 today with 180 xP points and just now dropped from 9% to 8%. Go figure!


Well, hope you take it easy. lol Their being a bit stingy(?) on those % is understandable assuming:

  1. They believe such harsh stance prevents us from becoming overly confident about our level of French. (Thus you will continue to work hard)

2 They may not be harsh at all on us if what they mean by 100% is the fluency of above average, well educated French native speakers or someone doing French-English simultaneous translation in the United nations general assembly in NY or equivalent.

Furthermore, in case you have not noticed, they are trying to sell on-line language proficiency exam. For English as a second language, they already launched one: For 20 bucks, one can take TOEFL IBT test-equivalent via internet if one passes, they issue a shiny credential to help one's sales pitch on Linkedin and elsewhere. They are yet to do the same for other languages at the moment...

I am just pointing out that they would not make the freebies like fluency badge on Linkedin so flawless and perfect to eliminate one's likelihood of purchasing a paid service from them later on. :D


I agree my French has been stuck on 56 per cent for weeks now. I am slowly working through the tree so I would expect it to go up a bit.


If I was stuck at 56% I don't think I would have posted. I've read the highest you can expect to see on Duo is around 65%, so you're doing quite well. I average over 80 points a day and know my language skill is increasing and yet all I ever see is 9%. I'm not discouraged by this measurement tool, simply confused.


I wouldn't worry about it, my son is a native French speaker and Duo has him at 15% fluent in French.


i don't know why the badge would say that your fluency is so low- like you i have a completed tree with around 80% gilded and my badge indicates 60%. your badge should be a lot higher- maybe it's a glitch?


I am French and I tried the calibrating test for fun, I made two mistakes during the test (english mistakes in the translation process). I ended up with 52% Fluency. I guess this Fluency Badge is not that interesting after all. Le plus important c'est de savoir si vous avez appris des choses durant le cours. Keep going, French is hard for everyone. :)


I think the problem is that I have and use the Duolingo app, which I think is more user friendly than their site as it appears in a browser. The app lacks a lot of the features of their main site (including the fluency badge) but the xP points transfer between the two and when I level up it appears in both. For some reason I think the Fluency badge is linked only to their main site and all the work I do in the app is ignored.


I have been doing most of my French learning using PC. I doanloaded Duo app to my SAMSUNG Galaxy note 8.0 recently and it seems so much more fun, game-like.

Well, it seems there are pros and cons for PC and Tablet/Smartphone interface. Also it seems one can buy 2 more items (some sort of avatar) from lingot store when using tablet/smart app.

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Here is the official announcement:

[O]ur estimate of your fluency in the language you're learning. It is calculated based on what words you know, how important those words are, how well you know them, and how likely you are to forget them. It will increase over time as you learn more words and strengthen your skills, but it will decrease if you don't keep up your strength. Since our goal is for this estimate to be as accurate as possible, be aware that finishing your tree won't get you to 100%.



Yeah, mine has steadily gone down too. It is now at 1% in two languages, which is outright ridiculous and meaningless. The more I do, the more I repeat, and the more I learn and retain, the lower my fluency becomes, according to Duolingo.


My fluency tested in Spanish at 42% when I used a different email address.. I finished my Spanish tree at 9% and on level 18. Now I am doing the English tree from Spanish so I have to write more in Spanish. My English fluency is 3%. Since English is my mother tongue, I would say there is something very wrong with this algorithm and it is just discouraging. I try to ignore it.

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