"Evin bir odası"

Translation:A room of the house

August 28, 2015

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    I think it could also be: a room in the house. sounds more natural.


    You have to choose whether naturalness or grammatic correctness sometimes. "a room in the house" might be translated as "evde bir oda".


    To me, "A room of the house" sounds wrong, or at least if said by anyone, would make me think English wasn't their first language. Rooms are IN houses. Never of them.


    What type of English do you speak? In UK English we always say 'which room of the house'. Which room in the house sounds OK but a bit odd.


    That may depend on which part of the UK you are from? I grew up in the south east and live just outside London and 'which room in the house' sounds more natural to me.


    "A room of the house is painted in blue". Isn'it rigth?


    Having trouble with this, I understand Evin is the genitive form of Ev (house) and odası is the possessive form of oda (room).

    But I can't quite work understand how this sentence means A room of the house, especially with bir in the middle.


    "bir oda" is "a/one room."

    Articles in Turkish like to be directly before the noun, coming after all modifiers in 99% of situations. "Evin" is in a way a modifier of "oda" (think....which room?). This is why the word order is the way that it is. :)


    Thanks, I think that makes sense :)


    Why can't this be "A room of a house" or "A house's room"?


    You would have to include the extra "bir" there. "Bir evin bir odası." In most genitive possessive construction, the "possessor" is considered to be specific.


    Would odası in "Bir evin odası." also be considered definite without an associated bir?


    Why House's room is not accepted? What's the difference. "Ev -in" literally is "House's", like Sencen'in means "Selcen's"


    SanctusEspiritus, "evin" means in basic literary language "of the house". Then you can say "house"s" if you are in a hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now you are talking sense.


    during the listening exercise evin is very difficult to understand. It doesnt even say evin it seems. My spouse, which is Türk could not even understand the first part of what it was saying.

    I was just leaving some feedback maybe it could be cleared up in speaking


    Agreed. It sounds more like Gavin. (The voicing in Duolingo uses external standard programming so they cannot correct it easily if at all.)


    How could I say "A room of your house? "


    Shouldn't "The house's room" be an incorrect translation? The room should not be specific?


    ":A room of the house" is not good English - I feel the common usage would be "A room in the house " regardless of how stated in another language.


    The room of the house = Evin odası

    A room of the house = Evin bir odası

    Umarım doğrudur.


    Why not "a room in your house"? Because of the ending at "evin".


    The house's room - ev(in) ev + genitive (ın) and then room possessed (not by ghosts but by house) oda(s for vowel + I possessed) odası. You have to take into account vowel harmony. Bir gives us a room, hence 'a room of the house' . I think that's all correct. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong hopefully


    Hi. Why isnt ev-in your house?


    If it were the case, the word ‘odasi’ would not have made any sense. I guess that if you want to talk about a room of your house, you would say: evinin bir odasi


    Esma, "evin" is "ev+in"="the house". "In" is the genitive suffix, third person singular, because "the house" is the possessor of the room. You are rigth when you write "your house"="evinin bir odası", "ev+in+in" : the first "in" for "your" and the second one, the mark of possession "of".


    Mariane, Thank you for the explanation


    Why not "Evin bir odanın"


    Does evin mean his/her house ?!


    Nada, "evin" in "(senin) evin"="your house". Have a look at AlexinNotTurkey's explanations here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/8612302. My favorite website is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH2iRwfBFPs, by FClangMedia. Very clear.


    Thanks a lot for your reply. I get my point from one of yours replies here .. evinin vs evin


    Doesn't evin mean your house? I'm confused


    Yes : Evin = your house

    But here it does not.. Why ?

    If you noticed the whole sentence " Evin bir odası " : We have evin and odası, which lead to another grammer that called in turkish: Ad Tamlaması ..

    If you are an Arab I suggest you watch this video : https://youtu.be/FNjaEERLzhI


    Couldn't it also be the house's one room?


    One of the house's rooms. How would i say that?


    The system provides "The house's room" as the answer


    I thought One room of Ev's rooms!


    Is correct to say Ev bir odası?


    Could it be "there is a room in the house"? If not, how would I say that?


    What would be "a room in your house"?


    Becouse The room at the house; and does not speak the room at the your home!


    why ODA is in possessive form..why? who is possessing this room.. house? writing EVIN already marks that it is "of the house" so why there is oda-SI


    So the normal word is oda or odasi ?


    Odasi . Why there is s ?


    Duo wants a possessed NP oda preceded by the indefinite pronoun bir to be marked as specific. I thought only grammatical direct objects could be marked for specificity????


    Why my answer is not correct? "A room of your house"


    bitazavare, i think that "a room of YOUR house" would be "SENIN evin bir odası" . In that way there is no more confusion. Because "evIN" alone = "of the house" and "evIN" preceded by "senin" = "of your house". The same form 'evin' in Turkish for two different meanings. Ex: " (senin) evin büyük"= "your house is big". "Evin bir odası büyük"= " a room of the house is big".


    I think that Duolingo should clarify what the literal translation would be from Turkish to English and what you say in English, and that both should be accepted.

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