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Learn Spanish en español

Often many learners wonder and post questions like:

  • What do I do after I completed the Spanish tree and/or the reverse tree?
  • How can I think in Spanish? I don't want to translate in my head.
  • Can you recommend a curriculum?

If you're a learner that would like to improve your command of the language why not learn Spanish from native Spanish speakers en español. At the intermediate stage I find English explanations slow and boring, so I decided hacer un búsqueda en español como "aprender español." Por supuesto, encontré muchos videos en YouTube! Here are some Spanish Youtubers teaching español.

If you don't know, or haven't tried it before, the Universidad de Salamanca occasionally offers free Español Salamanca A2 classes. Their modules videos are on YouTube.

If you know of any good Spanish video resources in Spanish . . . por favor comparte!

August 28, 2015



The 4th edition of "Español Salamanca A2" will be offered on October 20th. It is free and you can sign up at:



Hola tolunay.duo, Muchas gracias por la información


hi tolunayo, what is exactly this program ? Thanks.


It is not a program. It is a free MOOC. Massive Open Online Course. I've done it before. It's an A2 level course I think even useful for intermediate level students. At some point, they might have a higher level course as well.

Besides watching videos, reading lesson notes and doing the tests, you can interact with other students in Spanish in the forums. Some of the optional exercises for the course is actually done with forum and wiki posts.


Awesome, thanks for the reply ! I have finished the Spanish tree here in duolingo, do you believe that my "level" after finishing the tree is good enough to follow this course ?


muchisimas gracias


Hola no.name.42. Gracias!


Thanks. This will be helpful when I finish. I never really thought about before, but then again, you can go to youtube for almost everything. Have you used these methods before?


I watch Spanish programs on YouTube and I use a monolingual dictionary BUT honestly I never thought about trying those videos until I started watching a grammar resource I recommended earlier today. Why watch it in English? That's kind of boring, it's not challenging and it feels slow. Yes, I wonder why I never thought about it.

I did try the Universidad de Salamanca last year. That's a fun course, the videos are excellent. I highly recommend that and the "Tu escuela de español" videos.

BTW, I can't cook well. So I decided to watch some HOW to Cook videos en español of course. Two birds, one stone. ;-)


Both the University of Malaga and the University of Salamanca offer intensive Spanish courses, and you can sign up for as little as two weeks. I am going to try one of these as soon as I get the opportunity. Here are the links:



Thanks for sharing. Google for duolingo wiki spanish. More good sources on that page.


¡Bueeeenoos diiiiaaas! I'm still a estudiante nuevo to español. I'm still in the present form of verbs. Wish me luck, amigo :)


¿Y cómo va tu español ahora? =)


Gracias! Este es mi punto débil. No escribo con frecuencia en español y no pienso sobre la gramatica avanzada.


Thx so much! this is really going to help me a lot!


saludos desde colombia, quien quiera practicar su español con migo, con mucho gusto le ayudo :D


Gracias por estos videos:)


De nada, YouTube tiene muchos buenos vídeos en español para aprender español.


Thank you again! Gracias!

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