Mobile issues

First off, I've been using duolingo for two months and I love it. I was delighted when the mobile version came out but have found that when I am using the mobile version or even the application on my phones browser, the tree dies not refresh when I finish a lesson. I've had no problems with my computer, but have been having mobile issues on and off for two weeks. During that ttime, mobile duolingo has worked once. I am using a samsung xperia phone and am accessing the web using Tim mobile in Italy. How can I fix this?

October 28, 2013


I would post this in the troubleshooting section. Also, you can move this (so you don't have to retype or anything) by clicking "edit" on your post, then going to the top of your edit box, and clicking "Duolingo" above the subject line. This is a drop down list. Select "Troubleshooting" form that list. Then click "save" or "post" (whichever comes up.) Good luck! ^_^

Thanks so much! Its the first time I've ever posted anything so really appreciate the tip!

Is your phone running Android?

Is there an update for the Duolingo app?

Not that I see unfortunately. :(

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