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Teacher Recovering Student Login Credentials?

My k-8 school just went GAFE and I'm about to launch Duolingo for Schools, BUT our admin has banned all external email, even for our over-13-year-olds. I believe this ban means that a student that forgets her password will not receive the reset password email from Duolingo. Is there any way I can recover passwords for my students?

August 28, 2015



Hello erikpritchard! right now the students need to have their own accounts in order to be tracked by you. And to have an account, they need to sign up with an email address. We realize this a common issue for elementary teachers and there are ways some people have found to work around it.

Secret workaround:
If you use gmail, you can create student accounts by adding a + symbol and characters after it, between your name and the @ symbol. For example, let's say you have a student called a student called Maria B. in your 2015 class. If you have/create a gmail account called myname@gmail.com, you can add her to your class by creating an account using the email address myname+mariab15@gmail.com

Advantages of doing it this way:

  • Students can create accounts without having an email address

  • Teacher gets all emails and notifications (however, students do not get reminders)

  • Teacher can help students recover lost passwords

  • Teachers can always pass student account to student/parents once they leave their class (pass on account to new email address)

We know this is not an ideal solution, but it might help teachers in your situation who want to use Duolingo as soon as possible. Good luck and let us know how it goes! =]


Thank you Vivisaurus! Of all the Vivisaurus in the Duolingo jungle, you are the most amazing. The solution is excellent and totally solves my problem.


I've used this workaround with my elementary school students. However, I'm still confused about how to recover the password. When students forget their password, it sends a long link to my email. I tried to use this to reset a student password, and it reset MY password. Can you help me?

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