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  5. "Ik kom daar niet vandaan."

"Ik kom daar niet vandaan."

Translation:I do not come from there.

August 28, 2015



what's the difference between van and vandaan


Vandaan specifically has something to do with places. For example:

"Ik spring van de kast." -I jump off the closet.

"Ik kom daar vandaan." -I come from there.

You can't say "Ik kom van daar.", that would be gramatically incorrect. Hope this sort of helped.


Sorry for asking (brain fart!), but what do daar and vandaan mean in this sentence?


It's not that complicated: in this sentence, 'vandaan' means 'from', and 'daar' means 'there'. Similarly, "Ik kom hier niet vandaan" would have been "I'm not from here"


does 'vandaan' imply more a place of birth origin when used in this way? I wrote, "I am not coming from there" as if in the case that I was talking with a friend on the phone who thinks I am driving back from the store saying "I'm not coming from there. I'm coming from school."


I wonder, when is "er niet vandaan" used instead of "daar niet vandaan"?


ervandaan = from it or from there (unstressed)
daarvandaan = from that or from there (stressed)
hiervandaan = from this or from here


I think they are the same. Dont see why you cant say "ik kom er niet vandaan"


https://nl.wiktionary.org/wiki/daarvandaan I was thinking the same thing, and apparently, it would depend on the meaning: apparently, ervandaan would have a personal meaning, hiervandaan a locative meaning but near and daarvandaan a locative meaning but far, if I understood well. But as I am also a learner, I can't guarantee this explanation.


can you not say "Ik kom niet vandaan"


That would be like saying in English, "I don't come from".


We're learning, right? So Duo introduces new words in orange and gives a pull down menu with meanings, (in this case daar -> there, over there, that - with prep). So I write "I do not come from over there" and it's marked wrong. This is super frustrating. Why set us up with the wrong meanings for the examples we're looking at? This doesn't make any sense to me.

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