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"Allora la qualità sarà stata messa alla prova."

Translation:Then the quality will have been put to the test.

August 28, 2015



"will have been put to test" should be accepted.


No, because 'to be put to the test' is a set expression. The idiom always includes the 'the'.


messo alla prova = put to the test
testare = to test

Allora la qualità = then the quality
sarà stata = will have been
messa alla prova = put to the test (la qualità)

Then the quality will have been put to the test


Never mind idioms or how it sounds, the 'la' in "alla" is "the". Use it in the translation.


I see only that "will have been put to the test" is accepted.


Agree, it sounds more natural.


Is this a common expression in Italian?


Yes, it is. To give you some examples:

  • La distanza sta mettendo alla prova la loro relazione. (Distance is putting their relationship to the test.)

  • Non sono convinto delle sue capacità, ma lo metterò alla prova. (I am not sure about his skills, but I'll test him)

  • Metti alla prova le tue conoscenze con questo quiz! (Test your knowledge with this quiz)

  • Diamo ai ragazzi una possibilità di mettersi alla prova. (Let's give the guys an opportunity to prove themselves)

A common variation of this expression is "mettere a dura prova" (put a strain on): "La pandemia sta mettendo a dura prova il sistema sanitario" (the pandemic is putting a strain on the health system).


I'm curious about this too


allora can be" then" but ciuld also be "so" in everyday English English.


This sentence so hard that it has so many verb..

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