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"Вона шукає оранжеві кросівки."

Translation:She is looking for orange sneakers.

August 29, 2015



We say "trainers" in Britain


"running shoes" was right in one of the previous lessons. And it is right any way. At least in Canada.


Can anyone who is Ukrainian confirm that they use the word кросівки in normal conversation? I lived in Ukraine for a while and don't remember ever hearing it.


Yes of course, sneakers are ofiicial called "кросівки" in Ukraine. It's common name for such type of shoes. Ukranians usually distinguish бігові (running), баскетбольні (basketball), повсякденні (for daily life) sneakers. It's the favorite shoes for millions Ukranians and me:)


I am Ukrainian, but my native is russian. Nevertheless the word seems right(there is a familiar russian word, and the langueges are very close). Also it depends on where did you live?


"Оранжеві" or "оранжевий", "оранжева" is not correct translation! It is russism, not Ukrainian words. The correct translation is "помаранчеві, помаранчевий, помаранчева".

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That's factually wrong. The word "оранжевий" is a perfectly natural Ukrainian word listed in any dictionary and widely used by the native speakers and in the Ukrainian literature.


We do have other words for this color - one is помаранчевий mentioned above (also a loan word, like оранжевий) and a more "authentic" жовтогарячий. Having said that, жовтогарячий is probably the least used among the three alternatives.


Tennis shoes needs to be accepted. No one outside of Britain says "trainers".

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