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10 Ways to Learn Spanish from Duolingo

Steps to Spanish success:

<pre> 1. Try doing at least 5 workouts in Duolingo daily. This will help you go fast. Learning quickly will give lots of time for revision, and making sure you know everything you learned. 2. Read the section under the workout after you have completed it. This will help you in grammar. It will also give you a basic idea of how to use the phrases. 3. Listen to the people speaking in Spanish. Listening to the voice will help you remember the words better than just reading it, since you are using more senses. 4. Do the strength exercises daily, even if your strength bars are full. This will let you review everything you have learned, rather than just the new things. 5. Use the Spanish you learn around the house. This will help you with pronunciation and other things like that. Speak to your parents and siblings and maybe they'll learn Spanish from you. 6. After the pronouncer says a word, sentence or phrase, repeat it at least 3 times to get the hang of it. Don't worry if it sounds weird. Keep saying it, until it sounds like how the pronouncer did. 7. Never skip exercises that are hard. That will make you quit. Like the saying, "If at once you don't succeed, try, try again." Keep trying until you succeed. 8. In the settings section, go to coaching, and set yourself a high goal. Try doing "Serious" or "Insane" this will keep you going to achieve your goal. 9. Sometimes translating Spanish to English will be easy, but the other way around is hard. This is because your brain knows something (the Spanish words) when it hears it, but can't generate it when you don't hear it. So repeat things in your head along with the definition as many times as you can so you know you know them. 10. Try to learn one language at a time. Maybe in your case, Spanish. Learning too many languages at once will make you confused and it will just take longer to learn the language. </pre>

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope these tips help. Good Luck! Check my other documents for more tips.

2 years ago