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"Mi hanno chiesto di abbassare le sedie per i bambini."

Translation:They asked me to lower the seats for the children.

August 29, 2015



Duolingo really should be less strict on the spelling for the English translations. I accidentally forgot to add the 's' to the end of 'seats' and it marked me wrong for putting the singular instead of plural form. I'm trying to learn Italian, I am a native English speaker and am not fussed about my competency there thank you very much.


But it's a different meaning - singular and plural. Duolingo has no way of reading your mind and knowing if it was a typo, or if you think "sedie" is the singular of chair and would use it that way in Italian.


It's just frustrating when you're trying to complete an exercise and you're progress is continuously hindered due to slight typos in your English translations


I wrote chairs instead of seats and that was wrong. What's the difference?


Can the Italian expression mi hanno [chiesto/ditto]… function as a sort of impersonal that could be translated into I've been [asked/told]… or something of the sort, or it must refer to a specific (elliptical) subject?


Why is it wrong to say They TOLD me to lower the seat...?


I'm happy with the DL-translation. In this context I came up with a practical question: Most of the time you need to put the seats higher for children, so they can reach the table. But I don't know of an elegant way to say it neither in English nor in Italian - and not in German either. Has anybody a suggestion? :)


May be: "fare la sedia un poco in su (...piu alta)" or "alzare la sedia....".


"...to take down the seats...": wrong. : (

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