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"Se mi havus komputilon, mi povus uzi la babilejon."

Translation:If I had a computer, I could use the chat room.

August 29, 2015



Has anybody considered "If I had a computer, then I could use the chat room." as a translation?

A stupid question perhaps, but this is how I say it. I keep using this, I keep getting marked wrong, and I keep reporting it. It can't be that unusual a way to say it.


I think you would need to put tiam in there, but I could be wrong


Why not 'If I would have a computer,...'?


Because English is weird and doesn't allow for would to appear in an if-clause.


that reminds me of coding


It say the translation is: If I did have a computer,... But the havus is in the conditional ending, which would mean that it should be would have, right?


The conditional ending does not specify tense, and the translation given is the most natural sounding in English. The translation you propose is theoretically possible, but is not usable in English.


How would you say, "I would use the chat."

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