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  5. "Мій брат дивиться фільм."

"Мій брат дивиться фільм."

Translation:My brother is watching a movie.

August 29, 2015



"Film" and "movie" are synonymous in English, though I have heard people make the (pretentious?) Case that one should use the term "film" of works one thinks have artistic merit.


I believe "film" originally referred to the medium on which a movie was recorded. So while we may use them as synonyms, we may not technically be correct in doing so, even if it is definitely widely accepted.


Film did originally refer to the medium on which a movie was recorded, while movie was a shortened form of the phrase moving picture. Talkie was a shortened form of the phrase talking picture. We do not use the latter term and the first two are now synonymous. They are technically synonymous, colloquially synonymous, and officially synonymous.


Is there any further aspect in the meaning of 'дивиться' beyond normal "watching"? In Bulgarian we use its etymological equivalent only if you observe something with astonishment or admiration, e.g. 'Аз се дивя на красотата ти.' = "I am astonished/amazed by your beauty".


Movie tends to be used in America more. In England we use the word film.

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