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"Femti er halvdelen av hundre."

Translation:Fifty is half of one hundred.

August 29, 2015



Why was 'the half' marked as wrong?


Tror man skal si halvparten av, og ikke halvdelen


This is planned for Tree 2.0.


Hi! Do you know anything about Tree 2.0.? I am a norwegian teacher, and I want to start one of my foreign mother language students to start using Duolingo. Should I wait for the Tree 2.0.? Do you know when the tree is released? Thanks a lot!


It will most likely be released late Q1 or early Q2, but there is no need to wait, as the changes will be added automatically to the old tree. Most of these will be at the end of the tree (added skills).

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Tree 2.0.?


The next version of the Norwegian tree. :)


Awesome. I would, personally, love a single, er "leaf" on the tree dedicated to irregular plural nouns in the definite and indefinite forms, eg, the trees/some trees, the sisters/some sisters, etc. Still struggling to get a handle on these.

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Cool! How will this work? I'll have more skills or the skills will just... change...?


Probably a bit of both.

We'll prioritise fine-tuning the skills that we already have, to make sure they're the best they can be, and then move on to the fun stuff: adding (a few) new skills.

The tree versioning system is still being tested though, so this is not something that's going to happen in the immediate future - even if we're itching to get started.

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