"Where is the bathroom?"

Translation:Kie estas la necesejo?

August 29, 2015



According to esperanto dictionary necesejo is toilet And banĉambro is bathroom

April 18, 2017


In the USA whatever room has the toilet in it is called the bathroom or the restroom. Toilet will work also along with several other words like john, head, facilities, lavatory and others. Bathroom is by far most common followed by restroom

June 5, 2018


Yes, so if they want the translation to be «necesejo» then why isn't the English sentence "Where is the toilet?"

August 8, 2017


Is the word "necesejo" derived from the English "necessaries", an old euphemism for bathroom? Just curious.

August 29, 2015


I don't know if Zamenhof that English word in mind at the time, but it's certaily possible. (Necesejo is one of the words in the Universala Vortaro, so it's pretty old.) But as for it's "derivation", it's quite natural Esperanto regardless: neces-ej-o.

August 30, 2015


In French one used "cabinet de nécessité" which was afterwards shortened as "cabinet"

July 20, 2018
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