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  5. "Ні, це не так."

"Ні, це не так."

Translation:No, it is not like this.

August 29, 2015



Is tak a word that changes definition when in different settings?


Yes; So; Like this/like that;

Так, це я - yes, it's me

Це не так - it isn't so

Ми робимо це так - We do it like this


If 'No, it is wrong' is wrong, maybe the word 'wrong' shouldn't be in the hover hints for this exercise.

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Was not taught this yet. Why is it in the test?


Is it correct to say that when it starts a phrase it's yes and when it ends it's so


Not quite. To make the distinction you should look if "так" is standalone or if it modifies some word. If it is standalone (separated by a comma in writing or by a short pause in speech) than it means "yes," if it modifies a word then it can mean "so" or "like this/that." As a rule of thumb: "так" in the meaning of "yes" is usually placed at the beginning (or sometimes at the end) of a sentence and is separated by a comma/short pause.


  • Ми робимо це, так. - We do it, yes ("так" is standalone).
  • Ми робимо це так. - We do it like this ("так" modifies "робимо"). Alternative word orders: Так ми це робимо. Ми робимо це так. Ми так це робимо.
  • Так, це роблять тількі тут. - Yes, it is made only here ("так" is standalone).
  • Так це роблять тількі тут. - It is made like this only here ("так" modifies "роблять"). Alternative word orders: Це так роблять тількі тут. Це роблять так тількі тут. Це роблять тількі тут так.

"Ні, це (є) не так" is a little bit tricky, because the word modified by "так" is the copula "є," which is usually omitted. If you wanted to say "No, it is not 'yes'," you would use quotation marks as in English: Ні, це не "так." Although, it will sound ambiguous in speech.


why is "no, that's not it" not accepted?


Yeah, same! It's not so sounds fake

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