"Por fari bongustan manĝon, kuiru bone!"

Translation:To make a delicious meal, cook well!

August 29, 2015

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Oh, that's what I've been doing wrong all this time! I was wondering why anything I cook tastes bad.


Thanks, captain Obvious!


Dankon, Evidantestro!


Now listen closely!

Here's a little lesson in cookery, this is going down in history!

If you wanna a be a chef number one, you have to cook a meal very well on a pan!


Se vi volas baki belan kukon...


What is 'food'? If manĝon is 'meal'?

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I have seen mangxo = meal and mangxajxo = food


Which is odd because:

koko = chicken, kokaĵo = chicken meat

porko = pig, porkaĵo = pig meat

bovino = cow, bovaĵo = cow meat

so that implies

manĝo = meal, manĝaĵo = meal meat (or food)


aĵo does not mean "meat." Aĵo means a derivative of something. Or something with the qualities of the root

manĝo = meal

manĝaĵo = food ( something that has the quality of being edible)

bono = good

bonaĵo = something good (something with the quality of goodness)

flui = to flow

fluaĵo = liquid, fluid (something thing that can flow)

SEPARATELY from this definition is the definition of something being the edible version of an animal or a material. This is not much different, or a stretch, however I could see someone not seeing the connection.

I recommend checking out: http://vortaro.net/#a%C4%B5o


I like to think of it as stuff.

  • mangxi - to eat
  • mangxo - the act of eating (i.e. meal)
  • mangxajxo - the stuff you eat (i.e. food_
  • porko - pig
  • porkajxo - the stuff you get from a pig.



Again, manĝo. It has both meanings. See http://vortaro.net/#man%C4%9Do -> 2. and 3.


Unfortunately, Duo generally only accepts "meal" for "manĝo", and "food" for "manĝaĵo."

I've spoken, at length, with some of the featherheads in owl central, about this, and other, words, and they assume that one meaning per would be easier for people.


Sed, se mi neniam lernis kuiri, kiel mi farus ĝin bone?

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